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Kerri Kelly

Lorna Mann and Kerri Kelly of Douglas Elliman Real Estate were beyond helpful with the process of purchasing two of our homes. Any questions we had, they were so quick to get back to us. Purchasing a home can be an arduous task but Lorna and Kerri helped to point us in the right direction. They were open and honest with us and made sure we were completely happy with our purchases. We would highly recommend Douglas Elliman!

-Eileen and Craig Ennis 7/2018

06/12/2018 - ggannon29

Bought and sold a Single Family homein 2017 in Lloyd Harbor, Lloyd Harbor, NY.

 Kerri is simply the best real estate agent I've ever worked with. She'skind, understanding and very knowledgeable. She's always professional. Kerrisold my father's house and did a complete house history of the house, goingback to the time it was built. My family lived in the house for 39 yearsand didn’t know about all the history Kerri was able to research andprovide. Kerri's expertise go beyond real estate, she was instrumental inproviding additional services that may be required. For example, we had a verylarge and heavy piece on stone mounted to a wall that we needed to have removed.Kerri was able to source someone to remove the stone and salvage with veryshort notice. Kerri was always there for all of our other needs and questions. Herthoughtfulness and insight always made the decisions easier. She made theprocess easy and seamless. I would use Kerri anytime I'm selling or buying realestate

06/01/2018 - Cinde Mack

Found a tenant for a home in OysterBay, NY 11771.

   I own atwo family home and Kerri has been my agent each time I needed to rent out myapt. She always returns my calls promptly, answering any and all my questions.Kerri puts my mind at ease about being a landlord. I appreciate her knowledge,warmth and considerate nature. I would HIGHLY recommend Kerri to anyoneneeding an agent that is above par!

Bought a Single Family home in 2017 in Oyster Bay, NY.

Kerri Kelly is THE BEST. She is an absolute professional. She is kind, wonderful to be around and extremely knowledgeable. She knows the area well, and always finds the perfect place for us. We have worked with her on more than one occasion and will always go to her for our real estate needs. Thank you from the top to the bottom of my heart Kerri Kelly. We love our new home

• Local knowledge: Highly recommend
• Process expertise: Highly recommend
• Responsiveness: Highly recommend
• Negotiation skills: Highly recommend

05/01/2017 - krisblynn

Sold a Multi Family home in 2016 for approximately $1.625M in Oyster Bay, NY.

We loved working with Kerri on the sale of our home. She was extremely professional and handled every aspect of the selling process for us from beginning to end. She spent a lot of time and thought on the pricing of our house which had an unconventional history. We were pleased with the end result which was a sale above our asking price within a few days of it being listed. It could have been a chaotic situation digesting buyers' offers, but Kerri was very calm, confident and level headed. We trusted her judgement entirely. You can be assured you will be in very capable hands.

04/26/2017 - fooboy1212

Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $625K in Oyster Bay, NY.

Kerri knew the North Shore like no one else. Her patience and expertise helped us land a great house in an unbelievable neighborhood. I would 100% recommend her to work with. After looking for homes in Locust Valley, Greenvale, and surrounding areas, we decided to buy in Oyster Bay. Kerri knew the town and the specific area we wanted to be in. With some patience and some great advice, we landed the exact house and location we wanted.

"Kerri is a dedicatedprofessional realtor. She worked hard on the sale of our home and wassuccessful. She conducted numerous open house events and networked with otherrealtors constantly. Her determined efforts paid off for us. We recommend her highly."

18 ConcordDr, Northport, NY 11768

01/14/2016 - 

To Whomit May Concern, It is my immense pleasure and honor to recommend Kerri Kelly asa real estate agent for any individual or family selling their home. Upon ourfirst meeting, Kerri listened as we explained our needs and provided us withoutstanding advice about how to prepare our home for  sale. Very soonafter, she began listing the property and scheduled all meetings andinteractions at our convenience. At some point, my parents and I had moved outof the house to a different state and Kerri then took over every responsibilityimaginable during our absence. She conducted the showings, kept the place tidy,hired a contractor to replace our fence and met the Salvation Army at the houseto facilitate a pickup. Kerri was instrumental at helping us navigate throughthe various issues that arose and had it not been for her constant and selflessassistance, I don't think the house would have sold. Throughout the entireprocess she was professional, conscientious, patient and was available at alltimes to speak with us in detail. She went over and beyond every step of theway and her efforts more than exceeded my expectations. No words can accuratelyexpress what a kind and caring individual she is and what she has done for ourfamily. I would recommend her without reservation!


01/13/2016 - user40967328

We worked with Kerri for three years. We were selling our homeat the worst time of the market failure, but Kerri remained ever positive andactive. She is the kindest, most personable person I have ever met. She wasalways so aware of how difficult it was for me to sell my home of 37 years, and  she also found our new home, which we love. She is remarkablein every way and is the DREAM real estate professional!


01/13/2016 - bobs57

Kerri along withLorna were great to work with, understood both my needs as well as the needs ofmy wife. She help us sell a home in a tight market and aided is in the searchfor a new home that fit almost everything we needed in the area we were lookingto be.

B + J K

01/13/2016 - c75sm1

Kerri was the realtor responsible for listing and selling mymom's home after she passed away. After some initial slow progress due to themarket, we decided to list the property as a lease. It was leased within a fewweeks and turned out to be a good solution until we could find a buyer. Turns  out, the people leasing the house loved it so much they wantedto find a way to buy it. Their credit wasn't the best so Kerri actually helpedthe buyers find a solution so they could get a mortgage approved. While therewere delays on the buyer's part, Kerri stayed on top of everything, kept meinformed and ultimately closed on the house at a very fair price. I was finallyable to distribute the proceeds from the sale to my siblings as my mom wanted.I highly recommend Kerri to anyone looking to lease or sell their home - shewas terrific.


11/02/2016 - bjg2222

She' a greatagent Kerri really worked hard for us. She's and her team were on top of everydetail. We sold our home....from the listing to sale dependable, no hassle and professionalservice. Thank you Kerri

Testimonial in the form of an article……

Is This the Person You’re Looking For?


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about life, it’s that peoplewho are good at what they do have no competition. However, finding them can bea challenge. How do I mean that? The best are always booked! Highly skilled folksoften have a waiting list of people who want to do business with them. Sinceour lives involve acquiring the goods and services of others, this can presentus with a challenge.


Have you noticed that people and their promises don’t oftenmatch up? Many folks talk a good game, but when it’s time to perform, all of asudden things get problematic and excuses fill the air. These situations canrange from overdue orders to receiving broken merchandise or the wrong item. Ona larger scale, consider the countless things you have to deal with whenbuilding a new home, like contractors not showing up on time, shoddyworkmanship, or material delays. However, it’s just the nature of things. Andthere’s one thing to be thankful for: it could always be worse!


If you’ve ever worked with a real estate agent to buy or sellproperty, your adventure could have been anything between a nightmare and adream come true. I’ve bought and sold many properties and dealt with the bestand the worst. John Ruskin wrote, “When love and skill work together, expect amasterpiece.” This is the person I’m always looking for, and I’m thankful whenthat person shows up. If you’ll permit me, I’ll share with you a tale of two Realtors.


In the first case, I listed a piece of property with an agentwho was full of promises. However, they never actually showed the property—unlessyou call a neighbor looking at it a showing. There was no communication throughthe time period of listing, which was six months; no contact when the listingplayed out; no request for renewal; and no suggestion of reevaluating the price.Just dead silence. Obviously, I didn’t renew the listing. This agent wasn’t theperson I was looking for. The person I was looking for came highly recommendedand earned our trust and the listing. Within two weeks of the new listing, theproperty was sold. Lesson learned!


There’s a reason why the average real estate agent earnsbetween $34,000 and $45,000 a year, while top producers earn a comfortable sixor seven figures. This vast range of differences can be seen in just about anybusiness you might deal with. Why? It’s all about attitude and follow-through.


The second example is about another Realtor with anexceptional attitude. My wife Katrina owned a beautiful condo right near thewater in Oyster Bay, New York. She’d previously listed the unit and had a bad experiencelike the one I related above. When we met Kerri, one of the first things shesaid was, “I’m not going to show your property: I’m going to sell yourproperty!” That confidence and note of finality impressed us. Then sheimmediately opened her book of similar properties and what they sold for. Shehad already prepared herself with all the background information needed tosecure the listing. Kerri was no order taker, but a high-level salesprofessional. After the preliminary paperwork was finished, it seemed like shehad an offer on the unit almost overnight, and then another, and soon we werelooking at a bidding war above the asking price for Katrina’s condo.


While many people might want to blame the economy for thelack of productivity, people will continue to buy and sell things. It’s howsocieties have always operated. But whom do we do business with? We usuallymake our purchases from those we like and trust. And then there’s thatexceptional person who loves what they do and develops their skill to such agreat extent that their performance delights our hearts. That’s why I’mdedicating this newsletter to Kerri Kelly at Douglas Elliman Real Estate.  She reminds me of an old Chinese proverb:“Talk doesn’t cook the rice.” This was the person we were looking for!

Lorna Mann

Hi Lorna,

Wanted to let you know that we received the gift for Evelyn today.  Thank you so very much, it was a wonderful surprise and Evelyn is very excited to be able to play outside with it.  It was very thoughtful of you.

We want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for helping us buy our wonderful home.  It was a long and difficult process from first finding the right house, navigating the purchase contract, inspections, and then all
the paperwork for the bank and closing.  You were there for us every step of the way and we very much appreciate your efforts to make it happen.

We are settling in nicely as most of our stuff is coming into place.  We look forward to welcoming you and your husband for dinner soon, hopefully the weather gets nicer too as spring is here to stay.

Best wishes and warmest regards,
Evelyn, Alina & Florin



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